She Will Fly

Hello again. It’s me, Joey. Hard to believe that June is over. Hard to believe that June had even started. Somewhere in my heart, it’s still January. That doesn’t change the temperature outside, though. Mere had a half day today, so she came home around noon. We drove out of town to go to lunch. … More She Will Fly

A Fault Line

Hello again. It’s me, Joey. I’ve been staring this post for about an hour. Usually, I have some semblance of what I’m going to write about for the week. This is not one of those weeks. David left earlier this week. I’m like 95% sure he’s back in Charlotte now. At the very least, I … More A Fault Line

The Best I Breathe

Hello again. It’s me, Joey. I bought a bicycle yesterday. I found it at a thrift store. Just needed some air in the tires and someone patient enough to wipe off cobwebs from the ’80’s. I’ve never owned a bike like this before. It’s a street bike instead of a mountain bike. It has the … More The Best I Breathe