Move One Inch at a Time

Hello again. It’s me, Joey.


My mother-in-law is in town for the weekend. We haven’t seen her since the move, so it’s a nice visit. We’re sitting in the living room right now, and I’m being a bit anti-social by writing this. That’s why it’s gonna be a bit short.

9058878356854786Mere and I spend last weekend in Rhode Island. We ended up spending some time in Jamestown. And, oh my word, was it beautiful. It would have been more beautiful had it not been snowing, but none the less, we enjoyed our time.

Mere and her mom are talking about her job right now. It’s wonderful to listen to her explain what she does. Not because what she says but the look on her face when she describes her work. It’s clear that she has found her calling. She’s found a job that is an extension of what makes her special. She’s not defined by her job; her job is defined by who she is. And who she is is an incredibly creative and resourceful thinker. I really can’t oversell this; she’s 1 in 8 billion.

3450984358Not much move on the job front this past week. I sent out my normal 3-5 resumes, but by the nature of my field, it’s all about who you know. I’m still trying to get plugged into the community here; volunteering is a good place to start. I’m volunteer with the local animal shelter. I get to meet people and walk dogs. Win win.

Welp, I’m gonna cut it short this week and spend some more time with the family. Talk to you next week.


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