The Blues They Sent to Me

Hello again. It’s me, Joey.


Right now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. It’s 35 degrees and freezing rain is falling at an alarming rate. In front of me is my laptop, a cup of hot tea, my water bottle, and half a potato left over from breakfast. Behind me is a window overlooking a church bell tower with the rain quietly but steadily falling.

IMG_0965Meredith is across the street at the Rhode Island School of Design or, more commonly, RISD. She belongs to a professional organization for industrial designers called the Industrial Designers Society of America or, more commonly, IDSA. Designers REALLY love their acronyms. Anyways, that’s the main point of this trip, so Meredith can attend the IDSA conference that is being held.

We’re staying at a B&B in the arts district of the city; it was they only place we could afford. It’s essentially an in-law suite, connected to someone else’s home.

I didn’t expect Rhode Island to be so big. Providence is just like any other city capital: big and busy. I had it in my mind the Providence would be like the parts of Rhode Island I visited as a kid: old, quite, calm, and only serves seafood. I was wrong.

Whenever we went on family vacations as a kid, the first thing my father would do was get sick. I always hated this. Not because I wanted to do anything with him, but because I wanted him to have the same chance to rest as the rest of us. Well, I did the same thing. When we got in yesterday evening around 4:30, I collapsed into bed and didn’t get up until 10 the next morning.

What driving looks like here

I got up this morning feeling a little better. Meredith and I had a late breakfast in a small Italian diner downtown. Parking is impossible in this city. 2 lane roads have space for about 1 and a half cars. Other drivers lose their human identity very quickly in this town. It breaks down into 2 categories of drivers: people who have never driven before in their lives and are doing everything that they can to kill themselves and everyone around them, and me.

All things considered, I’m having a nice time. Sure, I wish it was warmer and I wish I felt better, but I’m having a wonderful time with Meredith. She’s amazing. She’s has this uncanny ability to take something that is no fun and make it the most enjoyable thing you’ve done in years. She just has this air to her that affects anyone that breathes it.

Well, I’m gonna sign off here. Gonna brave the elements and go see some of the city. I overheard someone saying the bridge was cool, so I’ll start there. See you next week!


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