Sunny With a High of 75

Hello again.  It’s me, Joey.

It’s been a boring week. That’s the worst type of week. Really. An 4fe2059f724c3e27ba4a3797125e9872easy week is good, because you just sorta coast. A hard week is fine, because it keeps you focused and (hopefully) betters you. A boring week gives you nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I did the things I’m supposed to do to prevent a boring week. I kept looking for jobs, I cleaned the house, I learned to make new food. Having a boring week is OK, it’s just not something I want. I guess I just have to accept that there are things I can’t control. I don’t like that. I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this.

477795647The weather’s been weird this week. The first part of the week was below freezing. It was snowing this weekend. Come Thursday, the high was 64. 64! In January! In Pennsylvania! The inconsistency of the weather has lead to an inconsistency in my mood. I’m not depressed or even sad, I’m just annoyed. Sure, I have things that I can be annoyed about, but most of them are rationalizations for a bad attitude. It’ll be fine, I just have to keep my head down are muscle through. There are cool things in my life, though. Today is my dear friend Kirsten’s birthday. I sucks that Mere and I can’t go and take her out for dinner, but, thanks to the magic of FaceTime, friends don’t feel so far away. I should get a job marketing for Apple. You paying attention, Tim Cook?

Not a whole lot to talk about this week. On this coming Thursday, Mere and I will be moving into our new apartment. I imagine I’ll have a bit to complain about then. That being said, I’m not sure if we’ll have our internet set up by then, so forgive me if there is a delayed post next week. We will see.

Ok, that’s all. Talk to you next week.


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